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Discover the Benefits of Replacing Teeth with Dental Implants in Tsawwassen

Tooth loss, for reasons related to trauma or gum disease, is an unfortunately common occurrence that leaves patients with an unattractive gap in their smile. However, replacing lost or extracted teeth with dental implants offers numerous advantages over traditional teeth replacement methods, such as bridges or dentures. At My Fantastic Smile, Drs. Jonathan Brown and Earle Nind are happy to be your source for dental implants in Tsawwassen.

Why Replace Teeth?

Aside from having a smile with a new gap, losing teeth causes biting and chewing problems, and more dramatically -- demineralization; when your body realizes that there is a segment of jawbone that no longer needs to support a tooth, it stops supplying that area with the minerals it needs to sustain itself. This depletion of jaw bone volume causes the sunken-in appearance that is characteristic for many people who have lost several teeth.

The term implant refers to the way your new tooth is placed; a portion of your replacement tooth is actually implanted into the jaw, allowing your implant to be completely stable and to support significantly improved oral function.  The portion of the implant that is placed in your jaw is made of titanium, which is accepted by your body, enabling the jawbone to grow into the implant's threading and reinforce the placement.  This revitalizes your jaw with the stimulation it needs to remain as dense and strong as possible.

The Advantages of Getting Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent choice for improving the look of your smile, as well as ideal oral function. Dental implants promote:

• Natural speaking and eating –  With one or more missing teeth, you may notice some changes in your usual ways of doing things; perhaps you chew only on one side of your mouth now, or maybe you find yourself lisping or slurring words. A dental implant replaces the tooth with a natural feel and supports balanced bite function, as well as speech.

• Restored confidence – Perhaps one of the most traumatic aspects to tooth loss is the toll it takes on self-esteem.  A lost tooth can leave you feeling insecure about your changed appearance, but an implant brings back the natural look and feel of your complete smile.

• Durability – Compared to removable prosthetics that replace teeth, a dental implant from our  Tsawwassen office can last a lifetime with routine care, which is akin to the care for natural teeth – daily brushing and flossing with routine checkups. 

It is important to note that other replacement options such as dentures or bridges (which use the neighboring teeth to support the attached dental crown) cannot support oral function and jaw bone health in the same way that dental implants can. 

Don’t Live with Missing Teeth – Get a Dental Implant in Tsawwassen!

Dr. Jonathan Brown has 26 years experience in restorative dentistry and is proud to offer dental implants in the Tsawwassen area.  If you are interested in a consultation, please call our office at 604-943-4112 to learn how we may best help you recover your smile!


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