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Dental Reviews and Testimonials for My Fantastic Smile in Tsawwassen, BC



Pauline said...

"After many years of a filling here and a crown there, my smile was crooked, multi-coloured and gap filled. I was embarrassed to let my teeth show. Dr. Brown and his team are amazing. I now have straight, white and lovely teeth that I'm very proud to show off.

This difference to me and my everyday life is more than I could have imagined. My self esteem has soared and my painful jaw and frequent lip biting are things of the past.

How can the words THANK YOU ever be enough?"

Wendy said...

"I have utilized the services of Dr. Brown for a number of years and when I mentioned to him a problem I was having with a jaw ache, he was very quick to respond.

My bite is now pretty much perfect. Who could ask for better dentistry – a beautiful smile and no jaw ache and a good repoir with my dentist. Thank you!"

Juleen said...

For most of my life I have suffered from daily headaches. This struggle, along with a discomfort of my own smile was always a personal concern for me. It's difficult to express what life is like when you feel you have to hide your smile. It limits you from expressing who you really are.

I'm now pain-free and that alone makes this journey worth it. This, along with the additional miracles Dr. Brown and his team did for me, I now find it hard not to smile. I should have done this years ago!"