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TMJ Disorder Treatment

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The temporomadibular joint, more conversationally known as TMJ, is the hinge that connects the jaw bone to the skull and is located right in front of each ear.  The TMJ should have free maneuverability, allowing smooth motion in any direction to facilitate comfortable talking or eating.  In addition to the bone and socket that give the name of joint, there is a considerable muscular system that contributes to the healthy function of the TMJ.  When your joint, or the musculature around the joint, doesn’t behave as it should, you could be experiencing TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), which encompasses a number of symptoms. If you have questions about TMJ disorder, our Tsawwassen dental office treats pain associated with TMJ problems.

Treatment for TMJ Pain

Dr. Brown, Dr. Nind, and their Tsawwassen dental team have experience in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of symptoms that come with TMJ dysfunction.  Common symptoms include:

• Inability to open the mouth widely, or the jaw sticking in a position
• Facial fatigue or swelling
• Noises when opening or closing your mouth or when chewing -- clicking or popping.
• The feeling that your upper and lower teeth do not meet to bite as they should.

Given the interplay of the complex musculoskeletal system of the jaw, any chronic pain in the face, head, neck or even shoulders may have TMD as its cause -- it can even affect sleep, and is known to be a cause of snoring. TMD can be caused by:

• A dislocation of the soft-tissue cushion that the ball of your jaw joint rests on
• Stress that produces involuntary grinding or clenching the teeth.
• Arthritis and osteoporosis that contribute to bone and joint weakness and deterioration

If you suspect that you are dealing with TMJ disorder, contact Dr. Brown for TMD treatment in Tsawwassen. Dr. Brown and his team will go through a complete diagnosing process to give you the best option for treatment. 

Our Thorough Approach to TMJ Disorder Treatment

We closely examine for common TMD signs and symptoms, such as audible sounds produced by opening and closing your mouth, as well as your bite alignment and general jaw mobility.  If necessary, Dr. Brown and Dr. Nind can involve your primary doctor to ensure your diagnosis is precise.  As there are a wide variety of conditions that fall within the TMD spectrum, your treatment plan will be unique and can involve a number of options.
Your treatment plan can include correcting passive habits, such as exercises to hold your resting jaw differently, or avoiding resting your chin on your fist when seated.  More complex treatment plans involve prescriptions regiments or an oral splint to be worn while sleeping, while the more severe cases may involve corrective dental procedures.

Don’t Live with TMJ Pain. Get Treatment for TMD!

Whatever the cause of your pain or discomfort from TMJ disorder, our office is proud to offer TMD treatment in Tsawwassen.  Do not hesitate to call 604-943-4112 to begin the process to become free from jaw pain and discomfort. 


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